We need your help

Dear friends,

Parsifal is a non-profit institution that has attended children, youth and adults with various types of disabilities, for over 28 years.

All pedagogical and therapeutic activities have the ideal of allowing these people more autonomy and making their integration with the world a reality.

For this work to be carried out, monthly financial resources are needed to maintain all the activities offered, the materials used and the staff that work and strive to bring about this development and social inclusion.

At this delicate and crucial time, when many parents need support, including financial support, our partners and sponsors also facing economic instability and the fact that we are unable to promote our usual events to raise money, we turn to all of you to help Parsifal to keep the activities going.

We ask and appreciate all financial support from our community so that this ideal of Parsifal can be sustained and overcome these current challenges, thus continuing to contribute to a more inclusive and fraternal world.

For contribution:

Banco Santander (033)

Agency 4351

Account 13000197-4

CNPJ 66.511.833 / 0001-25

Associação Beneficente Parsifal

or through the links: http://parsifal.org.br/como-contribuir/ 

Our gratitude ✨

Parsifal – www.parsifal.org.br


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