Commemorative video celebrating the 25th anniversary of Parsifal

Parsifal – 25 years of history
In 2016 Parsifal completed 25 years of existence, welcoming people with special needs and abilities.
The Associação Beneficente Parsifal, a non-profit institution, is dedicated to the personal development and social interaction of children, young people and adults who need special care.
All work is guided by the expanded knowledge of the Human Being based on Anthroposophy.
The Associação Beneficente Parsifal is divided between Kindergarten, Special School from the 1st to the 11th year and Therapeutic Workshops for the adults.
In our Kindergarten, children play, listen to stories, sing, plant and help prepare their meals, always conducted by caring and safe hands, which know how important the environment that surrounds young children is.
The Special School, which follows the principles of Waldorf Education, receives children from the age of 7 up to the age of 15 and 16, offering their pupils content at a pace that respects their learning time. Besides classes with the class teacher, children do manual, body, music and dance work, and some are attended individually in sessions of eurythmy, music therapy, art therapy, chirophonetics and psychopedagogy.
Throughout the week the pupils take lessons in music, crafts, watercolour, bakery, joinery, tai chi and eurythmy.
For children who need special care, each day of school represents the possibility of taking another step in their development.
The therapeutic workshops are intended to assist young people and adults with disorders in their physical, psychological and mental development, the workshops emphasize human sociability and manual skills. Our workshops offer work in joinery, weaving, construction of musical instruments, felting and baking, as well as classes of pedagogical contents as a means of achieving motor, cognitive and social development.

The human being only edifies his life through work with others and for others, regardless of the disabilities he may present. People who by their limitations, are excluded from the activities of the modern world find in our Institution the conditions to rescue their human dignity.

“Let each one become all that he is capable of.
Expand, if possible, until its flowering.
Withstand all limitations;
Rejecting everything that is strange, especially the harmful aspects.
And show up in all greatness of his size and stature.
Be what he can.”
(Karl König)

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