The Therapeutic Workshops


The Therapeutic Workshops are designed to meet young people and adults with physical, psychological and / or mental disorders. Focusing on work, they participate in the human society and develop manual skills, promoting social interaction and autonomy. Youth and adults performing work in carpentry, weaving, making of musical instruments, felting and baking as means of achieving motor, mental and social development.

Another important point in adulthood is the cultivation of artistic and cultural activities such as dance, theater, music, in addition to body awareness work through Tai Chi Chuan and Eurythmy. The cultural content brings knowledge of natural sciences.


Therapeutic workshops develop the ability to think, feel and want through work that gives dignity to the human condition, offering opportunity for people with disability to perform a job with value for them and for the society. Participants rate from the age of 16 and up.


Weaving workshop

Participants make rugs, bags, quilts, textiles, placemats with materials such as wool, ramie, sisal, cotton, cattail, Buriti, synthetic yarn, etc. The weaving technique is an excellent therapeutic resource for establishing the spatial and temporal relation and for developing aesthetic sense and structure thinking. Even people with many difficulties and who need individual support are introduced in this workshop. Producing handicraft allow them to be valued and included socially. Overall, there is a development in all who participate in this workshop, with the acquisition of new motor and psychical abilities.


Carpentry workshop

They produce from small mobile projects, renovation of old furniture, lampshades, picture frames, candlesticks, fruit baskets, children’s games (draughts, tic tac toe, domino) and decorative artworks. Young people / adults learn the basics of the craft, developing the quality of the will, helping being an active part in the world and in the transformation of posture and body awareness, organization, motor abilities and coordination.


Workshop of musical instruments

It aims to build simple and rustic instruments without losing, however, the technical quality and the artistic element in the work. Instruments like rattles, sticks-of-rain, kalimbas, percussion instruments, tongue drum and string instruments like fiddle, lute and kantele are made. Not only does it stimulate the interest in the world, but also exercises the ability to act. This workshop stimulates the issue of sound that influences and balances the feelings.


Bakery shop

Just as the Musical Instrument Workshop, the Bakery Shop has a special task, because here we come close to something that point to a craft production. Whole meal bread, sweet bread, dried tomato bread, petit fours, esfihas, cookies, truffles … the products are made and must be sold and consumed quickly to avoid damaging.

This workshop trains motor skills, willpower, and work posture, practical knowledge of how to handle food. Moreover, being a provision of service, in this workshop we cultivate the responsibility of each one to the community.