The importance of therapeutic workshops

The therapeutic workshop in Social Therapy is directed to adults and is based on meaningful and fulfilling work, with the ideals of mutual help, interdependence and co-responsibility. Freedom and autonomy are the goals of the workshops. Each individual is important with tasks and contributions to the community. The work brings dignity, recognition and participation in the social sphere. The definition of work, in this case, is to serve others, do something useful for someone else, something which makes sense and thus integrate into the community. Recognition is extremely important for the development of each individual, to feel that you do something for the community, to leave ones mark in the social life, to be integrated, live together in society and participate in the construction of the world.

The Social Therapy offers, in its content and ideals, light and stimuli that serve as nutrition and remedy, helping in the formation of organs, cognitive development and self-knowledge. If I know myself, I can transform myself.

The therapeutic work is based on the oldest crafts in evolution that brings the primordial gestures, which are the origin of all human development. Gestures that stimulate posture, breathing and rhythm, that structure the soul and provide healing processes. The handicraft with its gestures is used as remedy. Participating in the entire process from start to finish helps experiencing the process in time, rescuing skills, stimulating thinking and creativity, and also enables the understanding of physical principles. Through working we reveal ourselves, which helps to promote self-development.

The Social Therapy also focuses on social life by working in smaller groups in the different workshops, and also by socializing altogether in the whole group.

Social therapists must have a real interest in their fellow human beings. They need to be on a path of self-observation and self-knowledge and look at their own development as essential for the wellbeing and development of others, and of the whole. They have the task of awakening in others the search for self-education and encouraging the will to act. It includes helping the ones who are unable to do by themselves, encouraging and lending them their will to act. By working together the therapist helps engaging the client with the required gestures, to wake up the ability/willingness to work and lending him what is necessary for the execution of the activity. Thus, the client becomes involved, feels and wakes up to the gestures, participating with his whole being and experiencing the results. The client actively participates in the process and feels connected to the finished product.

We offer workshops such as carpentry, building musical instruments, weaving, felting and bakery. In each of these workshops there are therapists guiding and helping developing the skills necessary for completing the work.

We work in small groups to encourage cooperation, expression, creativity, participation and production. Therapeutic workshops meet daily in the period from 8 to 16h.

In addition to the workshops we offer several other therapies such as body movement, music therapy, eurythmy, art therapy, tai chi chuan, massage and complementary therapies.

Anna Maria Hultmark Varejão

Coordinator of therapeutic workshops

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