The day begins with the morning poem and then a rhythm based on the season or the feast of the year. The applied methodology is the Waldorf Pedagogy, which respects the individual needs and their specific age group. Beyond the normal curricular activities we offer music lessons, crafts, artistic therapy, bread baking, wood workshop, eurythmy and Tai Chi Chuan. We also give individual music therapy lessons, singing therapy, massage, chirophonetics, neurofuncional reorganization, occupational therapy, crafts and literacy. Each day of class is the possibility to take another step towards the development and each of these steps, however small, it is actually a great achievement.

We are also delighted to offer the children individual therapies according to the specific need. They are:

  • Neurofuncional Reorganization – Promotes more corporal awareness and improvement in development of the sensorial and motor skills. Rescue and amplifies the global motor skill capacities.
  • Massage and Footbath – corporal consciousness, increases vitality and harmonize physiologically and psychologically.
  • Eurythmy – Has great therapeutic benefits on children, harmonizing, as well as providing a greater awareness of the movements and bringing grace and lightness to their gestures. It also allows concentration and body flexibility.
  • Psychopedagogy – Individual sessions or, in small groups, to strengthen literacy and deepening the contents taught in class.
  • Music Therapy – Promotes skills in the sphere of communication and integration, and also stimulates cognitive, affective and sensorial motor skills.
  • Crafts – increases capacity and improves overall motor skills; refines fine motor skills, promoting concentration, balance and cognitive awakening.

To assist and support our work, we also have the following activities:

  • Pedagogical and therapeutic meetings (weekly): focus on each child in the search for appropriate procedures for individual development.
  • Meetings for professionals involved with the work at the school (monthly): the search for greater integration of all for the benefit of the children.
  • Parent’s meetings (bimonthly): The parents receive support on their specific needs and difficulties, and have the opportunity to clarification and social integration, strengthening the work in school.