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Parsifal is a non-profit institution whose mission is to promote human development, regardless of financial constraints. With this intention, we seek partners who share our ideal.

Join us!

If you have identified yourself with the social ideals of Parsifal and want to contribute, we invite you to see the possibilities below:
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By clicking the DONATE button next to it, you can choose value and recurrence.
The donation can be monthly or only a single one.


Parsifal seeks the support of individuals and/or legal entities to sponsor children, young people and adults with special needs, contributing to the monthly payment in whole or in part. As currently, 80% of the people we serve need this sort of support.

Come and meet us. We have open hours for guided visits to the Institution weekly.

The values for sponsorship are:
Full Time: R$ 2,900
Part time: R$ 1,450
You can also donate a portion of these amounts monthly. Contact us!
Deposit or bank transfer
Associação Beneficente Parsifal – CNPJ nº 66.511.833 / 0001-25
Banco Santander 033 – Agency 4351 – C / C n ° 13.000.197-4
For more information call: +55 11 5547.0201 or +55 11 5523.1487| e-mail:


If you feel touched to donate your time and your qualities, please contact us.

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