APAP – (=PFAP – Parents and Friends Association of Parsifal)

 APAP was founded in 2007 as a group of volunteers and supporters who creates, develops and implements social events and actions that accrue benefits to the institution

 This group is formed by parents of the pupils and also by friends who identify themselves with the work developed at Parsifal.

 Every year different events are held:

Dancing Cocktail, St. John’s feast and the Bazaar. Collected money is forwarded into improving the quality of the institution.

 Besides the material benefit, the APAP narrows and strengthens ties between the institution and the community and promotes the flourishing of skills and personal development of parents, family and students helping in the rescue of the individual path and greater understanding of life and acceptance of reality of each as a driving force of human learning.

 Since its early days, APAP has been the place where people add their skills, abilities, and good will to make it happen. All are invited and welcome to participate with ideas, suggestions and, above all, actions, this movement is to contribute to social work and public service developed and offered since 1991 by Parsifal to children, youth and adults with special needs.

 The group meets weekly on Wednesdays, from 8am at Parsifal.